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Who are we?
What do we do?
SMS Seating Advice
What do we do?

Sitting properly is an important precondition, for example, to enable you to relax fully, to eat at the table or to work at a computer. In particular, for people who use a wheelchair for mobility and who sit for long periods, a sound body posture and good support are essential.

Integral product development

Within the development process for our products we employ an integral approach. We work alongside researchers, healthcare organizations (doctors and therapists), end users, technicians and software developers.
In this way, timely consideration is given to the requirements and wishes of all of the parties concerned during the development of our products.

Scientific background

Our products are partly based on the scientific research carried out by Dr.ir. H.A.M. Staarink. In 1994, he wrote his first book ‘Het Zitboek, zithoudingsproblematiek in rolstoelen’ (An analysis of the problems with sitting postures in wheelchairs). In 1995, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on ‘Sitting Posture, comfort and pressure, assessing the quality of wheelchair cushions’.
Between 1997 and 2005 he carried out further research with J. van Wijngaarden (G.P.) and A. Tournier (physiotherapist and manual therapist) on the measurable criteria for sound individual posture support for which they used a omni-adjustable fitting chair.
In 2007 his fourth book was published by Royal Van Gorcum, ‘Zo zit het! Over zitten, stoelen en rolstoelen’ (All there is to know about sitting, sitting behaviour, seats and wheelchairs).
He also wrote a chapter on the biomechanical and (neuro)physiological backgrounds of sitting (Biomechanische en (neuro)fysiologische achtergronden bij het zitten) for the handbook on rehabilitation after spinal cord lesions (Handboek Dwarslaesie Revalidatie 2007).
All of the acquired knowledge plays a role as groundwork in the development of our products.

Collaboration in practical terms

During the development of our products we work closely with the department for ergotherapy at the Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede in the Netherlands.
The SMS Seating Advice has now been used for nearly two years in the treatment of and advice to clients. This has had a positive influence on the treatment and on the quality of life for these clients.

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