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SMS Seating Advice

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Advantages of using SMS Seating Advice

Using the SMS Seating Advice system will give you five big advantages. Below you will find these advantages listed and explained:

1. Improvement in the quality of life for wheelchair users

PR Sella holds the sincere conviction that people in wheelchairs could sit more optimally.
With the help of an innovative sit measurement system, the SMS Seating Advice, this is now possible.
SMS Seating Advice makes sitting in a wheelchair optimal and long-lasting. Due to the fact that with the help of our sit measurement system the most optimal support can immediately be chosen for an end user, the user will experience a higher level of quality in using the wheelchair and problems related to sitting for long periods will be prevented or relieved.

2. Objective analysis of sitting posture and seating supports

SMS Seating Advice is a scientifically supported instrument for selecting the most adequate seat and/or backrest support for an end user. It begins with the optimization of the sitting posture by measuring the current posture and comparing the results with the values that constitute an anatomically sound sitting posture. The pressure distribution of the current seating support is measured and compared with those of other seat and backrest supports.
From these measurements, objective ciphers are calculated giving you a measurable quality criterion enabling you to determine which seat and backrest support will provide optimal sitting quality for the person in question.

3. Scientifically supported and product independent selection

SMS Seating Advice offers you certainty, because you will no longer be making choices based only on your own assessment but on the basis of objective measurements based on scientific research. A comparison can be found, for example, with a dentist who uses X-ray photos as an instrument to support his or her treatment.
In a similar way, SMS Seating Advice can help you to make scientifically supported and product independent decisions on the price and quality of seat and backrest supports. Trademarks and image will no longer play a role. Now you can select the cheapest adequate solution with certainty.

4. Optimal advantage / returns from the chosen aids

You can improve the process between the request for a seat and/or backrest support and the final supply of the product, if you include the sit measurement system as part of your existing protocol. You will no longer have to try out supports to ‘see how it goes’. The correct support will be supplied first time. For the end user, this means that there is certainty that the seat and/or backrest support that is supplied is the most adequate for him or her. In this way, incorrect or inadequate seat and/or backrest supports will no longer be used which will prevent the continuance – or, worse still, the further aggravation – of the end user’s problems.
By carrying out the sit measurement first, the chosen aids will provide more long-lasting use. As a result, the likelihood of a customer returning for a new seat during the life of the wheelchair is considerably reduced. For the supplier of wheelchairs, this will mean a reduction in costs and optimal advantage/returns from the chosen aids.

5. Transparency in determination and evaluation of the standard package 

The sit measurement system can be used as a control instrument in the determination or evaluation of the standard package:
• which wheelchairs (make and type) always need to have individual adaptations made and which ones do not?
• which standard individual adaptations are successful and which ones are not?
These are important questions with even more important answers necessary to make efficient and effective individual treatment possible at lower cost. By using SMS Seating Advice as a standard part of your referral procedure you will be able to give objective answers to these questions.

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