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SMS Seating Advice
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Questions about SMS Seating Advice

For whom was SMS Seating Advice developed?
We developed SMS Seating Advice for people who are involved in giving advice on or providing specially adapted wheelchairs for daily, long-term use. You may, for example, be a physiotherapist or an ergotherapist, a consultant or adviser for the inclusion of people with disabilities, or you may work for company that supplies rehabilitation aids.
SMS Seating Advice can be used both for selecting ready-made seat or backrest supports and for fitting someone with an individual seating orthesis.

What are the advantages of SMS Seating Advice?
Standard use of of SMS Seating Advice gives you a number of important advantages:

1. Improvement in the quality of life for wheelchair users
2. Objective analysis of sitting posture and seating support
3. Scientifically supported and product independent selection of seat and back supports
4. Optimal advantage/returns from the chosen aids
5. Transparency in determination and evaluation of the standard package.

How can SMS Seating Advice be objective?
Scientifically based measurements are used to calculate objective ciphers giving you a comparable quality criterion. This means that objective consideration of the various solutions is possible. By trying various seat and backrest supports with the person in question you can actually measure to see which of these solutions affords the person optimal seating quality.

What do I need to enable me to use SMS Seating Advice?
In order to use SMS Seating Advice to make your own reports, whether you are giving treatment, making referrals or giving advice, you will need the following equipment:

1. PC or laptop
2. Interface Pressure measurement mat (1 or 2)
3. SMS Analysis software
4. Case with measuring instruments, containing:
     a. SMS Seating angle bracket
     b. SMS Backrest inclination strip
     c. Digital spirit level

See Products--> SMS Seating Advice-->Technical details for more detailed information on these four necessities.

What are the costs for using SMS Seating Advice?
The costs for SMS Seating Advice can be divided into one time start-up costs and cost per measuring session.

1. Cost per measuring session
For each measuring session you carry out after the ten sessions included in the start-up costs, you will be charged 75 euros. This sum will be automatically withdrawn from your account. You will be sent a separate invoice for each session.

2. One time only costs:
- First you will need a PC or laptop.
- You will also need an interface pressure measuring mat. The prices of the various makes available vary.
- Also, if you wish to carry out your own measuring sessions, you will need software to enable SMS Seating Advice and to allow the SMS Analysis software to communicate with your interface pressure mats. This software is available for a single charge of 750 euros which will cover the first ten measuring sessions you carry out and we will, of course, assist you to get the software up and running. You will soon be able to order the software via the contact form.
- Finally, you will need a number of measuring instruments to enable you to measure the seating angle and the functional backrest inclination under load:
Case for measuring instruments: 25 euros
SMS Seating angle bracket: 135 euros
SMS Backrest inclination strip: 75 euros
Digital spirit level: 160 euros
As a complete package, the case with measuring instruments is available for 395 euros.

You may also choose to make the SMS Seating angle bracket and the SMS Backrest inclination strip yourself instead of obtaining them from us. You will find the technical specifications for these two measuring instruments under the ‘Downloads’ link.

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